IE-10 right align text input issue

Remove Clear Icon - "X" from input fields of Internet Explorer

Recently i added style text-align to right of an input :
<input type="text" style="text-align: right;">

Issue :
But when someone types number in that then the last part of the text inside the textbox isn't displayed completely in Internet Explorer 10 as soon as the textbox loses focus.It because of its "Clear Icon - x".
Even they have fixed this in their latest version of Internet Explorere - 11.

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Hack proof your ASP.NET applications from Sensitive Data Exposure and Information Leakage


This is Part 4 of my series Hack proof your application.In this article ,I will describe How we sometimes unintentionally expose some sensitive information or leak some information to a hacker , who used that information to hack us. Keeping These terms separate "Sensitive Data exposure" which can directly harm to an individual or an organization, "Information leakage" are which helps attacker to perform malicious activities.Both terms are correlated and we can say Information leakage can contain Sensitive data exposure and vice versa.


You can read previous article of this series from below links :


What is Heartbleed bug and Its solutions ?

From last few days Heartbleed trending on the internet and saying to the internet, I am the evil. People are calling this bug as "Biggest Security Threat" to the internet. Some Websites called this bug "Catastrophic".
I was Gawked to know i was not safe since 2011 December Since OpneSSL included Heartbeat Extension.

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C# Command Line Compiler (CSC.EXE)

What is CSC.EXE ? 
Command line compiler takes C# code as input and transforms code to MSIL/CIL (Microsoft intermediate language/Common intermediate language).CSC.exe produces .dll (dynamic link library) and .exe (executable) files.

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Framework Class Library (FCL) in .NET

FCL (Framework Class Library) :

A library of functionality to build / design .net applications.
Again as Framework class library(FCL) names depicts us its a collection of thousand and thousands of classes which is use to build an application. - Shakespeare: what's in the name? Student : you Bi**ch !!! Sometimes names define Everything. *Kidding*

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CLR in .Net

Common Language Runtime : 

As its names depicts, its an execution environment for .Net applications (.Net supported languages). CLR job is managing the application while it executes.CLR manages the execution of programs written in supported language of .NET framework like (C#, Visual Basic, F#, IronPython, IronRuby, Boo, etc.).

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Knockout Built In Bindings- Part 1

Knockout providing Some built in bindings which update UI automatically and finally it keeps a clean layout with no dependency on ID and CSS class.
We can categorize Knockout Built in bindings into four types:

  1. Text and Appearance
  2. Control flow
  3. Forms 
  4. Templates

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