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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Framework Class Library (FCL) in .NET

FCL (Framework Class Library) :

A library of functionality to build / design .net applications.
Again as Framework class library(FCL) names depicts us its a collection of thousand and thousands of classes which is use to build an application.

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The Framework Class Library (FCL) is the collection of libraries that contains the totality: ASP.NET, WinForms,WCF,Web Services, the XML stack, ADO.NET and Many more.

Below image will make things more clear for you :

 To build .net applications we need some predefined classes , so we can use them and make application according to our need so .NET framework provided us this FCL for the same purpose.

Some of the FCl libraries are :

  1. Microsoft.Windows
  2. System.Web
  3. System.Windows
  4. System.Secuirty
  5. System.Reflection
  6. System.Runtime

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