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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Application Initialization in IIS 7.5 and IIS 8

Why we need Application initialization ?

On first HTTP requests asp.net applications both asp.net web forms and asp.net mvc application requires initialization tasks and "warm up" tasks (Startup processing , generating contents) etc.

Application initialization proactively loads and initialize all the dependencies like database connection , compilation of asp.net code and loading of assemblies etc...

Benefits of Application initialization :

  • its decreases the first response time by preloading the application
  • Can set a static page to increase the user experience while application is initializing
  • Provides overlapped process recycling 

Friday, 22 August 2014

ASP.NET Precompilation for Deployment

Benefits of Precompilation in ASP.NET:

  • Initial response of application will be faster for users, because code and files will not have to be compiled at the first time any user requested.
  • We can ensure error free application at compile time
  • From security concern people who have access to production server cannot see the source code and cannot make the changes(if you have chose the option of not updatable at the time of publish).
  • Large websites must use this precompilation.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Calculate the Execution time of a Function in C# , Razor View, Aspx View

My previous article was on the how to do the performance profiling with Visual Studio. Using Visual Studio analyze tool we can profile a function , dynamic link library, project and solution.
Link of  - Performance Profiling with Visual Studio

Requirements :

  1. However if we want to see execution for a particular function , you definitely don't want to run the profiler for that.Although profiler is more sophisticated way.
  2. if you have any loop on your razor / aspx view of asp.net application ,through profile it wolld be difficult to calculate the time of that loop.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Performance Profiling in Visual Studio

Hi Guys after a long time i am writing this article ( Feeling very poor [GARIB] ), Jokes apart In this article i will describe how to do the performance profiling using Visual Studio.
There are many third party tools which do the Code Profiling , Memory profiling and Performance Profiling for us these are paid tools but they are good as well :
  • ANTS
  • Just Trace
  • Your KIT 
  • .NET Memory Profiler
  • Eqatec
  • Slim Tune Profiler
  • Dot Trace

As i said am feeling poor, i will describe -"How to do Performance Profiling using Visual Studio inbuilt performance analysis tools ?"