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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Are you getting the most out of social media ? Start doing Your Social media marketing

In Simple Steps

1. Create Your account With Vanity URL (e.g facebook.com/yourbusinessname , twitter.com/Yourbusinessname , facebook.com/groups/yourgroupname many more tumblr , stumbleupon, reddit , linkedin , GOOGLE+ etc)

2. know your audience
3.Make your Social Existance beautiful and bit creative
4. Target the Right Social Media Sites 

1. get engage with your customers
2.create your perfect content

1. make your social existance bit creative to make your customer step in to engage with you
2.E.g create facbook landing page , create facebook application , create google+ page and facebook page banners with creativity and which suit your business as well
3.Video helps a lot

1. Research & Analytics is an essential part of any business , so keep it in mind ,or you can give my company to research about your business :P :P :D
2.unlock the truth trapped from customer side, then turn it into a powerful tool to support your business objectives.


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