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Saturday, 12 October 2013

MVC4 Bootsrap3 Sample project

MVC4Bootstrap3Sample is an Asp.NET MVC4 project using Bootstrap3 as its theme. To use it download the project file from my Github repository and open the solution in Visual Studio.NET 2012. This repository's bootstrap3 is not added by using Nuget.

Project Features and Fixes :

  1. Resolved Bootstrap3 font path issue for MVCProject
  2. Resolved horizontal scroll bar issue (Changes in Site.css)
  3. Added Code in budle.config to add min files (By Default MVC4 ignores .min files in bundling)
  4. Added latest jquery
  5. Manually Added Bootstrap3
  6. Configured Layout.cshtml according to the bootstrap
  7. Configured layout.cshtml for dynamic products
  8. Index.cshtml is for simple full width layout
  9. NavBar.cshtml is for Navbar with container classes of Bootstrap3
Download Project From HERE


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  3. Sarvesh could you please convert this solution to VS 10 and upload ....

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