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Friday, 31 January 2014

Knockout Key Concepts

From the beginning since knockout have launched , they have their limited key concepts and that's what i do like about this library .They never tried to bring too many things with this library.Knockout creators are very clear with their concepts and goal. Below are their Key concepts :

1. Declarative Binding : knockout's declarative binding easily associate DOM elements with ViewModel
    data using a very simple, concise ,readable,easy to remember syntax .
    Knockout.js have used HTML5 specified data-  attributes for their binding syntax. thats wow me more to     use this library , your web application will be HTML5 validate.
  • Binding Syntax : binding syntax contains two parts thats binding name and binding value seperated by colon.

  1. Any DOM Element can contain multiple bindings.
  2. Binding Value can be string , variable , literal or almost any valid javascript syntax.
2. Automatic UI Refresh : When your data's model state changed your UI/View automatically will get update automatically.

3. Dependency Tracking : Knockout do take care of dependencies for us .Knockout library implicitly will set a chain of relationships b/w Model and Data ,to set the values ,get them appropriately and combine them.

4. Templating : Knockout's native templating help us to quickly generate the nested UIs as a function of your model data. With knockout we can use some third parties template libraries too. 

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