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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Places to Learn ,Run and Test Knokout.js

Before getting dive into into Knockout we should learn where we can use knockout syntax and run them to make ourselves Knockout Developers .As some of my friends are Java developers for them I am listing some places,where they can learn and play with knockout and obviously for Dot net developers How can we setup environment into Visual Studio for knockout :-

  1. Knockout.js : I must say , knockout itself done very great job .they are providing us a place to play with knockout . Visit http://learn.knockoutjs.com/

just hold a beer , visit the website, follow the instructions and bang ,next morning you will be a KO Developer :P :P :) .

     2. JsFiddle : There is one more place where you can work on any JavaScript library , i am just       mentioning this for that purpose only.Let see how can we work with any JavaScript library :

   To add Knockout add Following link in external resource : 


   Some more website are like jsfiddle are also available like JSBin .But personally i prefer this :) .      

   3. Setup Knockout Environment in Visual Studio 2012 :
   Its very easy for us to include knockout in any project or in whole solution which contains more then one      project.

  •    GoTo TOOLS > Library Package Manager > Package Manger Console and type the following          command
  • Or you can directly right click on solution and or on any project and look for Manage nuget package,click on that > Find Knockout > Install package.

  • Last and not the least if you are not lazy like me , Manually download the knockout.js from their website and add it your script folder ,add its refrence on tha page where you want to use it :) :) .
Thanks :) <3 



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